112 Specht Road was always a special place for Kate Mangold, so in 1985 she became the owner and manager of the world famous Specht’s Store. Kate renovated the store, added the restaurant, had the signature Texas flag painted on the roof and continued the tradition that has made Specht’s Store the genuine Texas landmark that it is today. Kate also renovated the cotton gin, adding a dance floor, stage and bar.

Ownership, and more importantly, the stewardship of Specht’s Store’s legacy and tradition were passed down to Scott Gruendler and company in 2015. While the ownership may have changed, nothing else really has. They may have fixed the front porch, replaced the wiring and plumbing, updated the bathrooms and put in a new kitchen – but with close attention to detail, everything was restored exactly the way it’s been for generations past.

Kate’s Restaurant
Restored Saloon Area
Outdoor Seating and Stage

True to the locals that will gather here for the next 100 years, the authentic experience that made this Texas landmark legendary remains the same. Nobody’s a stranger. Only scratch cooking comes from our kitchen. The beer served on William Specht’s bar is always ice cold and there’s always a breeze on back patio.

Come see for yourself and bring your friends.